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Wi-Fi Access Made Simple

  • First be sure to have the following:
    • BL@ST P100 (BL@ST P50 can also be used to reload) Internet Card or e-PIN
    • Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Be within range of an Airborne Access Hotspot
    (Your device will usually pick this up and alert you.)
1. Select airborneaccess.net and click on Connect
2. Open your web browser (this should automatically bring you to the Airborne Access log-in page)
  Note: Make sure that you are not using any proxy connections (e.g. in Internet Explorer, go to Tool > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings) when you are connecting to Airborne Access’ Wi-Fi Hotspot.
3. Use your BL@ST Internet card Username and Password to Log-In

Type your username and add “@wifi” (12345678@wifi), followed by your password specified in your BL@ST Internet Card.
4. Easy! Now You are now logged in!


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