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BL@ST Reloadable Capability

  • Create your very own personalized username and password
  • No need to type-in new usernames and passwords every time you want to access the net
  • It’s like having a postpaid internet account

How to Create a BL@ST Reloadable Account

  1. Dial up using the following:

    USERNAME: RELOAD@blast.ph
    PASSWORD: blast123
    DIAL UP NUMBER: 9811800

  2. The above process allows the user to connect to www.blast.ph for 5 minutes
  3. Go to Account Creation page and fill up the electronic form on the page
  4. The account creation page will disconnect in 5 minutes
  5. Go to the Blast website at http://www.blast.ph
  6. Proceed to account registration page by selecting
    Create Account”.
  7. Fill in all the necessary details and click “Submit” (Note: Unused Blast card PINs are required to successfully register an account.)
  8. The account created (e.g. dana@blast.ph, trixielicious@blast.ph, fate_101@blast.ph, etc.) will be the users’ fixed and reloadable account



To reload your BL@ST
personalized account, click here

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